Dots create Lines, Lines create Planes

The dialogue started with a meeting between Lene Bang, Carrol Ho and Jon R. Skulberg in Aarhus, Denmark spring 2017. This continued with Skulberg's visit of HK, where he experienced Wayson Poon's Intersection with dancer Kingsan Lo and music by Paul Yip. During Tanzmesse, Düsseldorf 2018, Skulberg and Wayson had a more in-depth conversation about their artistic imagination on certain natural elements, which led to a collaboration for the first part of Skulberg’s trilogy. After the 3-day investigation on the choreographic and aesthetic potential of gymnastic hall between Skulberg and Wayson in Spydeberg, Norway, Dec 2018, the team planned to develop and premiere the work in 2020. Unfortunately, we have postponed all these to 2021 due to the pandemic.

This year summer, we are determinate to make this happen. Let's cross our fingers together!

Production: Convoi Exceptionnel

Concept, space and direction: Jon R. Skulberg 

Choreography: Wayson Poon

Performance: Wayson Poon, Kingsan Lo, Linette Stamp Christensen

Live Music: Paul Yip

Installation: Maiken Bent

Hong Kong producer: Carrol Ho, Kalos Production HK

Convoi Exceptionnel Producer: Lene Bang

KALOS Productions HK