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Dots create Lines, Lines create Planes

【Upcoming Event】
 ̶P̶H̶O̶N̶A̶T̶E̶ ̶ 

new full-length of Onthewayson (HK)

When breathing becomes language 


Hong Kong choreographer Wayson Poon’s latest work 𝘗̶𝘏̶𝘖̶𝘕̶𝘈̶𝘛̶𝘌̶ continues his exploration of the body and consciousness using the human breath as an embodiment of life force, and as a way to connect our inner body and the outer world.

Come & join us at The Box, Freespace, West Kowloon Cultural District @17-18 Feb 2023.

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Concept / Choreography: Wayson Poon
Live Sound Artist / Dramaturg / Sound Designer: Peter Lenaerts
Performer / Rehearsal Assistant: Kingsan Lo
Performers: Ivan Chan, Cheung Tsz-kwan, KT Yau
Lighting Designer: Lawmanray*
Costume Designer: Pauline Chan
Sound Engineer: Martin Lai

Co-producer: Carrol Ho @KALOSProductionsHK

Commissioned, produced, presented by Freespace

Photo & design: Peter Bird

KALOS Productions HK

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